Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yesterday's Sucessful Canning Runs - Yes RunS

I found out the day before yesterday it was going to be cool. Or, I should say cooler than what it has been up here. 85 - 90 degree days are just not cut out to be canning days. So I waited. Yesterday's high was only about 75 with a very overcast type of a day. Perfect!

I was up out of bed early and at the task of filling the green bean jars. I had set up late the night before doing the prep work after we picked the bejesus out of the pole bean patch. That was easy enough. They came out of the canner "pinging" their lids down right away.

Then after those were finished I started the bread and butter pickles. I followed the recipe mostly but, did add calcium chloride (pickle crisp) to the jars and I had to decide mid stream there was not going to be enough of the brine for all those pickles once I started filling jars. I had to make another 1/2 amount of the brine. What a pain that was. I would rather have too much than not enough. Anyway.... as you can see they came out very pretty looking in their jars. They will taste wonderful in the dead of winter. Every jar of those pinged too. Doing the happy dance here. LOL.

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