Sunday, July 18, 2010

Taking a Dog Canoeing

Taking a dog canoeing? It's not as easy task as you may think. And, you got to get your dog equipped to go with you.

First off you want them to be safe. How else to be safe than to purchase a beautiful new life vest for them? Well.....first make sure your dog will wear that beautiful new life vest.

Here's myself with Gracie trying to get her into her brand new beautiful life vest. What you might not be able to tell is she's got the neck snap buckle in her teeth and won't let it go. Oh no sirree, no. She's telling me in her own way she's not going to be wearing this horrible thing. Of course it doesn't help as I am in hysterics laughing so hard my sides hurt. And, dear dear DH is taking this picture laughing so hard he could barely take this picture.

All I can tell you is we did go canoeing. But, Gracie didn't wear her life vest. She hates it and wants no part of it. There goes that $30 (yeah they are expensive) I spent on it. Guess she'll be swimming on her own without the flotation help of the expensive life vest I bought her. Sigh.... hope we never have a problem and end up in the water with Gracie.

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