Thursday, July 8, 2010

More Peas

Here they are. It's the really first big haul from the garden.
Had to be peas. I am so glad for that.
Instead of eating this picking, I decided to blanch them and freeze them.
But, how to do this without heating up the kitchen (temperatures outside were hovering around the 100 F mark) and time was of an essence as the older the peas get the more sugars they loose. Therefore they loss that sweetness.
So I heated water in the microwave to super boiling hot, then took the water out and threw the shucked peas all in. Thereby not heating my kitchen.
After two minutes (since the water wasn't boiling as I was doing this) I removed the peas and dumped them in ice water I had ready and standing by.
Drained them and then vac u sealed them and in the freezer they went. There to wait until one frosty day in the fall or, the winter when I will pull them out to eat.
They will taste fresh picked. How do I know this? I did this very thing last year. And, that's how they tasted then.... fresh picked sweet and tender.

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