Wednesday, January 6, 2010

About soup

Shown are the finished product of turkey broth making turned into turkey soup. Second pic shows the assembly line of filling the jars with assorted veggies prior to my adding the broth.
Small amount of liquid loss is not actually a loss. Reason for the liquid loss is I did use some dried veggies in the mix and believe it is why the level is lower. Also know this to be true because when I pulled the jars from the canner ( 12 hours before this pic was taken) when they were finished there was no liquid loss. Wish now I had taken pictures of them then. Darn it.
I just want to take a moment and say thanks to Claudia who gifted me with these liter Mason jars. "A big thank you Claudia!"
My DH says I should change the name of this blog to something along the line of .....
Saving seeds and onward. Why? It's because I have tried to do just that. I started saving seeds for the veggie garden a couple of years ago. Then once the garden has produced it's harvest, I take the harvest and can it. Then cook some mighty delicious meals (if I must say so myself) from what comes from canning stock pile.
Just a thought.

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