Thursday, July 22, 2010

Need Help with That?

DH is installing a new clothes line for me. He has his handy helper with him as you can see in these pictures. Gracie.... always curious and usually in trouble for something. She's just turned two.... what can you expect from a teenager anyway? She's just way too cute. That's the hole he'll be cementing the pole into that Gracie has her head almost in.

The odd garden picture I included is of the squash/pumpkin patch. But, what primarily I want you to look at is the size of those sunflowers. They have grown taller than the building behind them. The building you can hardly see. Wow zee!

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Phiddy said...

I have to take another picture of those sunflowers.
I can hardly believe they are even taller than this now. We are talking they have to be at least 8 feet tall or, taller.

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