Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Green Tomatoes

I am literally starving for a red ripe tomato. There are a gazillion tomatoes hanging on their vines in the garden but, all are green still. It seems to be taking forever for any to ripen.

So what I was thinking was this...
It just might be time for a skillet full of fried green tomatoes.
And, I do think this is a acquired taste.
(First year I had a garden and an excessive of green tomatoes when we got the first frost, I prepped a whole bunch of these and froze them.)

Here's the recipe:
Grab yourself up some firm green tomatoes from the garden.
Slice them a tab bit more than a 1/4 inch and a little less than 1/2 inch for the perfect thickness.
Dredge them in some seasoned flour...
or, 1/2 cornmeal and flour or, all cornmeal,
you can season that flour/cornmeal with plain S&P and you're good to go.
You can add garlic powder to the flour/cornmeal too. Or, not.
I have heard tell of folks adding Old Bay Seasoning to their flour/cornmeal.
Whatever your choice, it's time to get to the frying.

Choose your oil. Or, choose bacon grease or, lard.
Heat that oil choice and start to frying those flour/cornmeal coated slices.
I use a cast iron skillet for this as it heats in just the right way.
Fry to a golden brown and serve.

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