Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eggs, beautiful eggs.....

Eggs, beautiful eggs. Free range, organic. What's not to love?

I was searching online looking for a place which raised chickens. After viewing some awful videos on a TV program from England about the treatment of laying hens.... I should actually call it cruelty and abuse, I made the decision to NOT buy store eggs any longer and support such an industry. Hence the online search.

I found Angie from Heritage Harvest Farm and her blog. She and her family raise free range organic chickens and sell the eggs. (More on Heritage Harvest Farm later.) I contacted Angie about her eggs. I have contracted to buy a dozen eggs weekly from her. Best move I have made in recent weeks.

Look at the picture of those eggs. Gorgeous. The eggs are actually extra large in size. The yolks are a delicate orange yellow in colour. And, talk about taste. Wow.... are they ever good! Beats the store bought ones hands down.

Thanks Angie!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Seed catalogs

The seed catalogs are overflowing out of the mail box. These past two weeks, I have gotten such an assortment of them, I am driving myself nuts.

I really need to catalog the seeds in the deep freeze to see what needs ordering. Because the way things are going I am going to be spending my last dime on seeds and all sorts of gardening paraphernalia. My hands are just itching to get dirty.

Dirty.... can't wait! And, I am one of those crazy gardeners who doesn't wear gloves. During the growing season I have broken and grimy fingernails even though I scrub and scrub them.

Okay back to my daydreaming. Come on Spring!

Friday, February 5, 2010

More soup cause it's winter

Well winter is starting to wear on me. Till I look out the window and see a beautiful sunrise with the promise of Spring around the corner. Here's a picture looking out my back window early one morning last week. Got to admit... beautiful, eh?

Past two weeks this household has been sick with the flu. It was wonderful to be able to pull a jar off the shelves and have good home made soup without fuss. With that being said, I had to get myself in gear and start canning more. This time it was chicken with loads of garlic, carrots and onions. I'll add either barley, rice or, noodles when the time comes to reheat some. I can hardly wait to taste it.

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