Friday, July 16, 2010

Everyone Needs One

This was made by my dear hearted hubby for me.
It was one of my many birthday gifts this year.
I know it's not a fancy store bought garden swing.
But, this is mine and has loads of sentimental value to it.
The back rest is a board which came from Lisa's farm and was a barn board off one of her out buildings. (Thanks Lisa!!)
It was designed last year actually after my friend came to visit and she my DH set in a swing out at Lake Bellamy eating ice cream sandwiches.
That's where the first and original idea came from.
(Psst.... remember Karen?)
He has planted three different pots of morning glories around the swing.
They are climbing up the trellises he installed to each side and the back.
It's quite a wonderful place to sit, swing and unwind.
And, occasionally I am joined by either Gracie or, DH.

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