Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yesterday's Harvest..... Yippee!

Just when I was starting to get frustrated... I went into the zucchini patch. Wowee! I came out of there with 8 or 9 zucchinis and a bunch of yellow crookneck squashes. I was duly impressed as I had gotten to the point where I thought nothing was going to grow anywhere, at anytime.
Here's some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Those are of course the aforementioned squashes, one lonely cucumber, green beans (the last of the bush kind I planted) and a single tomato.

That is definitely one weird looking tomato.... it's actually two I believe which fused when it first started growing. I picked it cause I was afraid the buggies would love all the crevices in it and eat it before we had a chance at it. And, believe me it won't go to waste. I'll be making fried green tomatoes with it. It's huge though you (out there in cyber land) can not really tell. It weighs in at just shy of a pound.... 15.8. Not bad. Laugh if you want.... I think it will taste wunder bar!

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