Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Almost Jungle

I thought today I would update the pictures of my gardens for those of you following this blog.

These pictures show the intensive growth that has occurred after 5 straight days of full on bright sunshine. Glad we have those 11 sixty gallon rain barrels we keep. There was no rain during these past 5 days of sun and high heat temperatures from hell and if you came looking for us in the morning you would have found us in hats and long sleeved shirts as we hand watered the gardens in the early AM (7) from the rain barrels. It took the two of us each 2+ hours to get it all done including the weeding and the picking. By 10 AM the outside temperatures were peaking in the 90s and for health reasons we had to call it a day and get the heck out of that sun. Those temperatures outside stayed like that for the rest of the day. (One of those days I went to see what the temperature was with the humidity factored in..... 111 F!)

This group of pictures shows the square foot boxes which contain the tomatoes, cukes, green beans and, the carrots. The inground garden is showing the pumpkins with the sunflowers planted along the back wall of the converted garage. These plants are getting pretty big. Which I am thrilled by.

Thank goodness it rained yesterday late evening after no rainfall to speak of for approx. 8 days. I won't have to hand water the garden this morning. And, I can rest a bit easy as the rain barrels got a much needed refill.


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

So you got rained on a nice nighttime steady soft rain; i am just a tad jealous! Your plants are beautiful, Cita. The flowers from yesterday and then the big veggies today with all their verdant foliage create a pattern of pleasant brain waves. Thanks.

Karen said...

Hi Phyllis,
I was just admiring your garden but also the grass I had forgotten you have real grass not like we put up with in Florida. I would love to lay down in it and make "Grass Angel's". What fun that would be and it's so very green. I just love your yard and all the new stuff you have done to it like the fencing, and what a cool tracktor...did you ever hear the song "She Thinks my Tractor's Sexy?' I forget who sings it but you look so cute sitting upon your trator. Did you name it?

Phiddy said...

No name for her yet Karen.
You got any ideas?

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