Monday, February 23, 2009

Beautiful, beautiful seedlings

Aren't they just too beautiful for words?

Oh my, oh my, oh my......

The one little peat pot has a couple of baby onions growing.

The long line of little pots contain broccoli.

And, there's more to come.

Today I will be taking toilet paper rolls and turning them into compostable seed pots.

Cabbage will be going in those.

On seedlings and burnt bread

Yup you read that correctly.
Seedlings... yippee got them coming up in spades.
Planted out a couple of days ago onions and broccoli.
They have been in their little greenhouses beside the window sitting on the heating pad.
Wow.... they are already so tall.

And, the burnt bread?
I need a repairman to fix my oven door.
It's off the hinge and for the first time in my life I can't get this one oven door back on!
It screws up the baking and cooking times of just about all that goes in the oven.
Even with two oven thermometers and a stick DH fixed to keep the door wedged shut....
Things are either overcooked (read burnt) or, undercooked.
Where's the repair person when you need them?
Cause I wasted alot of bread dough yesterday and the house stinks to high heaven with the smells of burnt bread.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

On being sick and growing old

Here I am back. Man oh man was I sick.
I was out of it for way too long and I was tired of the flu and being sick on day two.
This nasty bastard hung on like there was no tomorrow.
Then as a long last parting shot....
I ended up with a sinusitis and had to take antibiotics.
This today is day 11. Which I can hardly believe.
I still have 2 days of antibis left to take too.
And, as all of you know you are supposed to finish the entire course of those pillies.
I am thinking two more days and I'll be as right as rain.
Hoping anyway.....

Because I was ill I missed most of President Obama's trip to Ottawa.
I saw snippets and clips on the tube.
My man was rec'd with open arms up here.
And, he did the unthinkable and stopped the motorcade and got out and met the people of Canada.
And, had a Beavertail.... a Canadian sweet treat.
Good for you President Obama.
You rock.
And, if you do nothing else.... you will live in the Canadian people's minds as a great man.
(Do you think he read my very first post?)

Bye for now.
Have a great Sunday.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines!

Hate being sick

The trip to the big city did me in. I caught a raging flu/cold. I have even been confined to bed for the past couple of days. Feeling absolutely horrid. I wouldn't wish this on anyone.
I am though feeling some better this morning. First time in almost a week. I should celebrate. NOT!!!
It's Valentine's Day today. Wasn't able to do anything for the sweetest DH this side of Canada due to illness. But, I think he'll survive with a hug and a kiss. Maybe if I feel really loads better this afternoon, I'll make him some of his favorite cookies. Lucky man.
Going to go back to bed now. I am exhausted by the little I have just done.
Later, eh?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A night's full moon

Full moon night

It was gorgeous last night looking out the window. It was somewhere between midnight and dawn... I was on one of my too frequent trips to the bathroom. I most always as I pass the big double window in the kitchen, stop and take a look out. Last night's full moon and cloudless night were excellent for trying to see the rabbit I know has been visiting. And, I was right. There he/she was sitting in an area devoid of snow. Guess the bunny wanted a less cold spot to sit. I could see the bunny quite clearly as he/she was outlined in the non-snow area.
Found out from my cyber friend, Vi, I should be feeding the rabbit alfalfa or was that timothy? Whether it's one or, the other.... I don't know where to go to buy that. And, should I? If I plan on a veggie garden this year is it wise to be feeding this rabbit who in all likelihood will eat my garden down to the nubbins. No pun intended but, that's food for thought.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Winter's morning.

Ah.... a beautiful winter's morning.

This is the view out the back window of our place.

The Ottawa trip

So there we were. In Ottawa, the big city. Oh, oh. It's almost scary now going back there.
Living in the country has gotten to be such a way of life now to us. Hard to believe we used to live in the Big City just under a year ago. Wow... that's amazing.As I am sitting here I am realizing it's been almost a year to today's date since we left the Big City.
Listening to the news from the Big City at night we hear how things are changing.
Lots of crime now. Or, was it there when we lived there and we just chose to ignore it?
I don't think so. The crooks are robbing places where I used to shop. Shop? Yup, they are
robbing the grocery stores now in the Big City. Grocery stores???? Doesn't that strike you
as strange? It does me.
Anyway the trip into the Big City went off okay. Even spent time visiting with the family.
No one fought.... or argued. Think that was a first.
Got our business concluded and came home. It's always tiring to me to make these trips.
Why? I end up doing all the driving. I think the next trip in..... which is this Wednesday,
I need to give up the control and allow the old man to drive. Even if he does drive 10-15 kph under the speed limit. And, gets all nervous when someone follows too close. I know... I need to take a Valium before the trip. (Are Valiums still made?)
That's it from here.
Y'all have a good day, eh?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rainy and warm here

Is it winter still? I guess this is the delayed January thaw we are having. The temperatures yesterday got up to +8 C. Which is about 45 F, I think. I am still not good at changing Celsius to Fahrenheit.

It's rained off and on since yesterday and our snow is about gone. What was hard packed snow yesterday is glare ice this morning. I am thinking I will be sitting on my assets more than once today when I head out the door. The traction sand is ready for the first person who ventures out on the ice. It's sitting right inside the outside door.

This coming week is Winterlude in Ottawa. A week long celebration of winter and all those things you think of winter being. Skating, skiing, tobogganing, hot chocolate and, those delicious beavertails (aka fried bread dough topped with any number of wonderful toppings). It's too bad it's going to coincide with the week of weather which is going to stay above freezing all week long. Those beautiful big ice block sculptures which are being carved and put on display.... I wonder how long they will last in these temps? I also wonder if the Rideau canal will stay frozen enough to safely continue to allow skaters on it for the festival? Now that would be a big bummer.

Okay we are going to be headed into the big city today. Don't worry the roads are wet and clear right now. No ice. But as the temperature drops this afternoon... it will become of some concern for us on our return ride home. A trip of about 80 kms or, about an hour and a half worth of driving if the roads stay clear. Canada's secondary roads have a speed limit of 80kmp (clicks) or, roughly 50mph. Slow going if you are use to the highways and byways in the States of usually 55 to 65mph.

Have a great day. See ya later, eh?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

So I have the bug....

Not a cold bug but, the canning bug. On my trip to the BF one of the things I was looking for was blueberries. The old man is out of blueberry jam. Which is his absolute favorite. And, it doesn't hurt it's full of those anti-oxidants vitamins or, whatever it is you call them.
I had to go to a second store as the BF, the discount store had bags of "wild" blueberries for 6.99 a bag. The bags weren't big either.
The second store I went to... one I don't shop often as it's more expensive. They had the same bags of "wild" blueberries but, at $2 less per bag. Who would have thunk that would have been the case. Wow... sure did surprise me.
Traveling to see family tomorrow so don't think I will be making the jam till later.
Now it's time for dinner.
Menu is; baked salmon
couscous with a melange of dried veggies
Dessert.... the best part will be California strawberries. Found those at the BF for 1.77 for a quart container. Now that was a good deal. They are macerating in a little sugar and lemon for some zip as you know California berries at this time of year are pretty tasteless.

Saturday... it's shopping day

And, time to find my way to the BF. That's what I call it. It's a discount grocery store called "Basic Foods". It carries the basics and not alot of brand names. That's what keeps it discounted. I go early morning before the store crowds up. It's much easier to navigate the smaller aisles at this early hour. Plus, with out the crowds I can zip right through.
Have to go to the bank. And, darn it all wouldn't you know they aren't open on Saturday. That means the ATM machine for me this morning.
Then on to Wally world. Just cruising in there. I don't really need anything.
Living rural like I do I take my excitement where I can get it.
Shopping is a big deal now for me.
Ah... come on don't laugh.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Second posting.... and the layout ain't bad either

Well this here is the second posting since I started putting this blog together.
I am thinking it's starting to look okay now that I have added a few things to it.
I guess I will have to wait and see how things progress.

Tonight's treat for Mark was Walnut-raisin bars that I made while washing the kitchen floor.
He's been chomping them down since after dinner.
Tonight's dinner was;
mashed potatoes (from dinner a couple nights ago) turned into potato pancakes
open faced burger on home made bread w/the fixings... tomato, lettuce, onion and mayo
an assortment of pickles canned this past summer
canned coleslaw
Have I said how much I like to cook and bake and can and dehydrate and well anything that has to do with making food?
Because I really do.

Okay this is getting addictive now.
I need to sign off for the evening and close this out.

Starting today....

Starting today is a good day to start a blog. Don't ya think so?

This should be fun and why not try it as so many of my friends are doing so.

I am going to be learning as I go so this may all fall apart before the end comes around.

I am going to try and add gadgets to the blog and links to my friend's blogs.

Let see how I do with just getting this posted.


Doesn't that sound so Canadian?

Oh and just my two cents here....

President Obama.... you have pissed the Canadian folks off big time. Canada is the little brother to the US and your trip to Ottawa that's coming and the thought of your not getting out of the plane is a big slap in the face to your lil bro. You just might want to rethink this.

Later then.

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