Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vinegar Tips Continued


  • Trash disposal cleaner – Mix one cup vinegar with one pitcher water and freeze in the refrigerator. The vinegar ice cubes can then be run through the disposal and flushed with cold water. You will have cleaner and odor-free garbage disposal!
  • Refrigerator cleaner - Mix equal parts of water and vinegar for a cleaning solution. Alternatively, place a cup of apple cider vinegar inside the refrigerator to absorb the odors in two day’s time.
  • Wood Cutting Boards – If you run out of baking soda, substitute full-strength white distilled vinegar for odor-free and germ-free cutting boards.
  • Brass polish – Make a paste by mixing one teaspoon salt, one cup vinegar and flour. Apply the vinegar paste directly on metal cooking pots and pans and let it stand for 15 minutes. Thoroughly rinse with lukewarm water and then polish until these are sufficiently dry to hang.
  • One of the best vinegar uses in the kitchen, however, is as “green” ant and insect repellent. Just wash kitchen counter-tops and cabinets with vinegar to repel ants and insects.

    Lawn and Garden

  • Grass killer – Grass is good when it grows where you want them to. For undesirable grass growth, however, pouring full-strength white distilled vinegar will curb it. This also goes for weeds in plant plots; just pour on their tops though.
  • Soil Acidity Enhancer – Mix in 1 cup of vinegar into a gallon of tap water, which can then be used to water acid loving plants.
  • Flower Preservative – Instead of just plain water, add 2 tablespoons each of sugar and vinegar for every quart of water. This mixture ought to keep the flowers longer.
  • Arguably, the best use for vinegar in the garden is as alternative plant fertilizer. Just combine water and vinegar in 8:1 ratio in one mixture. In a separate container, combine sugar and water in 1:8 ratio. Then combine the two mixtures together and use as plant fertilizer. Only apply as long as necessary to revive plant health.

    Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

    Vinegar has entire books about its properties. Barbie, my late patient, used to drink vinegar every day as a health measure. I love it on baked beans, especially when I am eating those beans directly from the refrigerator. The cold beans and the sharp vinegar create a taste produced nowhere else. Top that with some good and chunky kosher salt from Diamond Crystal and treat time at the trough here.

    I enjoy reading these pieces you post, Cita. The amount of info contained therein can be retained and the quality if that info - almost always applicable to my life or home.

    Phiddy said...

    Yup both DH and I went through a period of time we drank apple cider vinegar. But, it has to have the "mother" (a natural gelatinous substance formed during the last fermentation step of making apple cider vinegar)in it. I think the only kind that does include it is called Bragg's. Oh unless you make your own.

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