Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Earthquake near Chalk River, ON Nuclear Power Plant 3/29/11

3.5-magnitude quake near Ontario nuclear facility - Canada - Canoe.ca


Cartoon Characters said...

it definitely makes me nervous! :^C

B.C. is nuclear-free zone, we have hydro power, and wind power is gaining a foothold also. The fault line that runs down our coast would make me even more nervous to have nuclear power plants anywhere near us!

I would like to see solar/wind/tidal/hydro power used as opposed to other options.

Phiddy said...

Yup, me too. I would like to see the entire planet go solar/wind/tidal/hydro vs. more nuclear reactors.

Heard radiation monitors in BC have detected "minute amounts" of radiation from the reactors in Japan. The amounts are "negligible" and do not pose a health risk, the BC Centers for Disease Control said.

Yeah right....and the checks in the mail, my other car is a Cadillac and, oops the third one is x-rated.

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