Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ever Been to Talk to a Politician?

Politician, hmm.....what a topic for today.

I am going to have to go and talk to our local MP, well his assistant anyway. MP stands for Member of Parliament for my American followers. I have never ever, ever had to do anything like this before in my life.

Anyone got any hints or, tips on how-to?

Since I tend to get tongue tied in times of stress and am also a bit reclusive and shy.... should I take note cards to refer to? A planned speech? Do I dress up? In a dress (egad!) and heels? Oh no way can I do that. It's just not me. But, then I guess jeans are sort of out of the question.... or, are they? Kidding, here just kidding. I guess dressing as though I were going to work would suffice????

Anyone got any hints or, tips on how-to?

See I am already getting stressed as I am repeating myself. I got to go and relax.... I really am stressing.


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Dress like you were headed to work at an office. Dress not necessary, dress pants and a nice, coordinated sweater, good shoes. I strongly suggest that you do not smell of tobacco when you arrive. The health implications have really gotten to some places and employers and many are refusing to even hire a smoker--I don’t know about OHIP and their feelings/policies, but I wouldn’t tempt fate that way if I were you.

I think the most important thing to do is listen carefully and take a moment (a few seconds) to consider your responses. Make the silence work for you. (It just did for me in court as I needed not to serve Jury Duty that week.) Practice so you know what you look like and at all costs remain Calm. I hear you laughing and shaking your head at that. I love you, Cita.

Phiddy said...

Thanks L3. Knew I could count on you. After numerous conversations (emails) w/my lawyer... found out it's not the MP I will see. It will be his assistant. Whew...... but, advice will be heeded and most likely discussed with DH. Silence is golden! And, don't fill the silences with unnecessary verbal diarrhea. LOL!

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

That’s the hardest for me--to just shut the BLEEP up and let others fill the silence with blather, babble and bullshit. I hope it goes really well and you get status that makes you and DH happy. I sure as hell hope we can get together b4 we are too old to enjoy a week of Girl Fun !~!

Cartoon Characters said...

Hey, don't worry. He's only an MP. Honestly, Canadian politics isn't anything like American politics. Very casual. No airs. I am good friends with a couple of them from B.C. (one I went to college with way back when)
Sorry I didn't see this sooner! could even talk to the Prime Minister and it isn't the same production as talking to the President.

It reminds me of the time back in the '80s when I was on vacation with friends in Hawaii and our Premier joined us for dinner, and then we went for cocktails at one of the Cabinet members and it was like a day at the beach...very ordinary conversation....

Don't stress yourself about it if it is the actual MP you will visit. Most of them are very ordinary people.....

Actually, any person, if in Ottawa, are invited to visit their MP while there... :)
Hey, while we're at it.....a close school chum that comes out to visit us all the time is fairly high up in the immigration department...
if you are ever in Ottawa roaming around the buildings..... :)

Phiddy said...

Hey CC,
A close school chum? Hmm.... want to put a good word in for me? All I am looking for is my work permit. Seems I have to have "first approval" from immigration to get it.
Thanks for the boosting my confidence in going to see the MP... I feel a bit better now.

Cartoon Characters said...

I know it's hard waiting for a work permit. Are u going to be working as a nurse?
My husband was able to work only when he got his permanent resident card.

Good luck! :) Wwould help you if i could! :)

Cartoon Characters said...

Btw, if you run into the Prime Minister....all you need to know is something about hockey and he will definitely enjoy a conversation with you .. he is a real hockey fan although he never has played very well himself. ;)

Phiddy said...

Like I would end up ever running into the PM. Ha ha that's so funny!
And, no I won't be working as a nurse, been retired for well over 11 years.

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