Monday, March 21, 2011

Blah and Phooey!

Phooey? Yup you got that right. Phooey!
After a week of semi normal temperatures heralding Spring's possible arrival, this morning it is snowing.

Oh no, I thought we were done with the white stuff???!!!???
It's not like it's a light little flake falling out there.
No it's those huge fluffy flakes which accumulates inches in mere minutes.
It's only been snowing about 2 hours and we have about 10 cms already on the ground.
That's roughly an inch an hour.

The ground where you could see green grass everywhere, well mostly brown grass, just yesterday is now covered in a blanket of white.

And, to prove I am really actually looking forward to Spring and all that entails, I have posted some outside (phooey) and inside (Spring has sprung) pictures for your enjoyment.
That's a morning dove and a house finch digging through the snow for bird seed. Picture is a bit blurry as it's snowing! Notice the amount of snow....?
And, the seedlings I am showing under my grow lights are brussel sprouts and cabbage which popped up yesterday. Nice, eh? A big happy sigh :)


Cartoon Characters said...

oh no! well, you can come to's a lot warmer here....and not as much snow!

btw: i had to smile at the "eh" you threw in there! ;)

Phiddy said...

I was going to say "huh" but, decided against it. "Eh" fits better, doncha think?

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

what kind of math do you almost-Canadians do? Where I come from 10 cm is about four inches; divided by two hours equals two inches an hour-no? Regardless even an inch a year is too damn much of that white slippery cold wet needs shoveling slop.

Phiddy said...

I have a hard time converting cms to inches. But, c to f is easy. And, that's still alot of snow in a short awhile. Too much in fact.

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