Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Week of all Things Irish

I am 1/2 Irish and 1/2 Italian. (Wonder what I will do for an Italian week and when I'll be doing that?) and thought a week of blogging about Irish things would be a nice.

Hmm.... leprechauns? Irish whiskey? the band U2? Guinness beer? a recipe for corned beef and cabbage? St. Patrick? soda bread? favorite actor, Liam Neeson?

And, to start this week off here is the finale from the show Riverdance.

Erin Go Bragh! (Ireland Forever)


FriggenPhysco said...

All these years, I thought the nationality for your side was 1/2 Italian, 1/4 Irish, 1/4 Scottish...

So that must mean I'm 1/4 Irish, and not 1/8? WOOHOO!!

Cartoon Characters said...

I'm half Irish, half Dutch. I think the Irish is always the strongest genes, thank goodness for me, anyway!

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