Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Gardening Shall Begin

Yesterday was the first day I felt like maybe Mother Earth was starting to awaken from her frozen nap. It's wasn't because of the sunshine, as there was not much. No UV warning from Environment Canada that's for sure. They are the watchdog for skin cancers with their warnings of the UV index and the sometimes "we got the weather right" national weather forecasts. By afternoon it was just grey, overcast and had a cold wind blowing in from the northwest. Required me putting up my hood and putting on my thick winter gloves. I don't think we were ever on the plus side of the thermometer. It was cold, windy and not alot like Spring.

But... I still felt as though the world was awakening. Maybe it's the birds. More birds have returned from down south and a more diverse gathering of birds are at our bird feeders. Whole huge flocks are stopping by. The robins are definitely back and are building their nests. The wild beautiful call of the Canadian geese is heard everywhere. You are turning to scan the sky to find them as they fly overhead in their "V" formations.

So what was it which found me out in the garden wandering and looking and feeling? Was it those little nubbins of rhubarb I saw poking up from the soil? The harbinger of Spring to a gardener? Or, was I just so tired of winter I had to be out and about "doing" in the garden. I weeded, I pruned, I turned some soil and then I turned the compost pile. And, it felt dang good!

Here I stand, my arms flung wide, yelling out loud ...... "WELCOME SPRING!"
Psst.... and don't be dragging your feet anymore. Okay?


Cartoon Characters said...

my husband just finished putting mulch over all the garden areas, and i trimmed back the clematis and wisteria that was looking so bedraggled over the w/e! Spring is definitely here full force! :)

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Ah, sounds great for you, Phidster. I know how you need to be doing and that you’d rather be doing it in dirt-hey, is there a bumper sticker in there somewhere ?~! Really good to hear enthusiasm from you. Sun’s out here today too.

I look forward to seeing pics as the season progresses and the garden takes shape, or shapes, as it were. Many areas of plantings are so fun to watch grow and mature !~ I live vicariously thru you in the fresh veg section, Cita. Here’s to No more Winter...

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