Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Weather

Yesterday was an absolute perfect day for gardening. (Did you expect me to say perfect for something like biking, canoeing, baking, canning instead of gardening at this time of the year?) It got up to temperature of 27 yesterday with clear blue skies.

No rain was forecasted for the entire day. Though I have to tell you we are in a race for the wettest April and May on record. April saw rain 16 days out of the 30 and in May there were 15 out of the 31. April's rainfall total was; 146 mm and May; 90 mm. Water levels are still high in Quebec, New York and Vermont.

Yesterday saw us catching up to the hay we had been growing. You know instead of a lawn. The lawn mowing had gotten so far ahead of us, we were mowing every chance we got, even when the grass was still wet. Just like everyone who lives around us. One good side effect of all the tall grass is; we had an abundance of mulch for the gardens.

We planted plants, organically fertilized, sifted compost, pulled weeds, mulched gardens, raked hay (ha ha grass), dug stones out of the new beds we just recently tilled all of which saw this writer exhausted by 5 PM. (I had gotten up at 5 AM.) Today will be a repeat of yesterday except..... it's going to be 32 degrees!

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Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Warm is the best for me, Cita. I know you prefer a bit cooler than 80 for crying out loud; is there no happy medium here anymore?

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