Friday, May 6, 2011


Smiling won’t cure depression but, then again, who knows? It won’t make your life better with the upturn of your mouth. Smiling won’t cure cancer. But you can try. You can make a small effort to allow the energies of others to improve your mood. You can make a conscious decision to smile at your hubby/boyfriend/sister/brother/child/mother/father/anyone who walks into the room you are in. You can focus on finding even the smallest gem of light to bring up your personal energy that in turn brings up the energy of those around you. Dr. David Song, a plastic surgeon and an Associate Professor at the University of Chicago Hospital has studied the old adage about how many muscles are used in a frown vs. a smile. You will be glad to know it's takes one more muscle to smile than to frown (12 vs. 11). Ergo... you lose more weight when smiling. Go ahead and smile.

Smiling is contagious. Try it.

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