Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Plantings

This is a post from mid May. It was when Blogger crashed and burned and it never got posted. Just found it in the "edit" posts section. I should take pictures of garden so you can see how far along it's come since this post.

Today I am in one of the five in ground gardens planting seedlings. Seedlings of cabbage, swiss chard and brussel sprouts.

DH is busy putting up the stakes for the fencing around the three new in ground gardens. We have a crazy doggie who likes to run the yard. She thinks the gardens are still part of her running area. Hence the need for the fence.

Going to try and get into the blueberry patch and weed it today. It's chalk full of weeds. And, that's going to take a toll on whomever does it.

So far I can see sprouting from seeds I have planted; radishes, beets, mesclun, arugula, spinach and of course the peas.

Grow garden, grow!

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