Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's Raining...

It's raining; it's pouring.
The old man is snoring.
He went to bed and bumped his head,
And he couldn't get up in the morning.

When will it ever stop?


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Mon Cher, May I share some of the bountiful sunshine we have been given here in this Bay Area. We are looking at inland highs near 90F today which means probably 84 here. Yowza, and I thought it was hot yesterday !~!~

How is your water story there in eastern Canada ? For a change we have 160% of our needed amount so summer should be green in some spots. Already the hills are goldening with the slowdown, and probably end, of rain for this year.

May the Fourth be with you.

Phiddy said...

Our April total was; 146.8 mm with a yearly total of; 331.6 mm. So far for May we are standing at; 8.6 mm. Last year at this time we were at respectably; 41.0 mm (april) 50.4 mm (may) totals. And, yearly we were at for the end of May; 222.6 mm. So as you can see by the end of April this year we were way ahead of last year's rainfall amounts at the end of May.

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