Friday, May 27, 2011

On Blogger, Cookies and Caches

Oh my my my.
I have been unable to get into Blogger for approx. 5 days at least.
I thought at first it was just Blogger. Then got to thinking did it have anything to do with my accounts being hacked?
I didn't know. And, I didn't know what to do. So I waited. For what? Help? Not anyone here but, me that could help me. Plus, (here comes the excuse) I was busy in the garden. We had two days in a row with sun and no rain. Hallelujah!
So yesterday I part way went looking for answers. The weird thing was I could sign into my gmail account but, I couldn't in Blogger (all run by Google, doncha know?). Then I found I couldn't sign into the "help" portion of Blogger. So what to do....?
I did all that was suggested on the help portion I could read.
I deleted my cache, specific cookies, looked for java script errors, checked internet security settings all to no avail. None of it helped.
Okay I thought one last try at this.... I'll try changing my password yet again.
Guess what? It worked. Here I am again.
I am glad this problem is solved because this also means I can go to my favorite read blogs and post comments again.


Cartoon Characters said...

it's not allowing me to post on some blogs. Apparently it's an IE problem...Google and IE are at war...try downloading Google Chrome for your blogging.

I save all my favorite reads in my "favorites" under "Blogs"....then I can go to them without signing in.

I like your new look! :)

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Cita, try using the Subscribe and Next buttons available from the settings in google reader. With those two buttons in my bookmarks bar (I use Safari browser) I can subscribe to a blog i find that I love Immediately and with accurate URLs. AND (wait, she cries, there’s more) when you click the Next button it takes you to the actual blog not just the typing and some pics like in the Google Reader.

Aside-Bro awakened, opened eyes and is following simple commands. I am breathing a bit more easily.

Phiddy said...

I did try Google Chrome to no avail.
I ended up going back to Firefox. IE I haven't used in years due to those security issues they had.
It was password related somehow. Keeping me on my toes.... switching out passwords weekly instead of every 3 months. LOL!

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