Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Rains and Sun of June

I am so pleased with how well my garden is growing. We are finally over the hot and dry last days of May when we had no water in the rain barrels and were watering with the well water. The rain barrels are overflowing and have been for a couple of days now and I am directing the water away from the house foundations. We have been having one or, two days of sun followed by a day or two, of good soaking rains. Just plain wonderful gardening weather.

The pictures today are of the potatoes I planted in the old horseshoe pit and buried in straw. Peas getting ready to flower as they try and grow up the fence. This was in the area where we had the bird's nest we couldn't disturb. As you can see the weeds got ahead of me around the peas. And, the last and final picture is of the corn I planted late. It's doing marvelously well already.

My neighbor asked how I was going to harvest the corn. You see it's in one of the "raised" SFG boxes which is raised up off the ground about 3 feet. I told her I would bring the step ladder out to pick the corn. Ha ha ha, which if the packet the seed came in is correct with it's information, the corn should grow to 5 - 6 feet. But, then again that one box is on a downward sloping hill. I'll make sure to post pictures of us harvesting it.

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