Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fledlgings in the Yard

We have a canoe turned upside down and up on saw horses stored in the yard. It was like that throughout the winter. Should have turned it right side up once the snow left.

We found in early May an American Robin had built her nest on the crossbars and webbing of the stern seat. And, she had about two to three eggs we could see. For the past week or so we have been hearing some peeping coming from the canoe. And, we have been watching the mother bird squawking from the top of the fence. Now we know why. Yesterday the baby birds fledged.

Now we are trying our hardest to keep Gracie (seen in foreground of canoe picture) away from where the fledgings are. One as you can see made it up to the top of our lattice fence. The other one is down in the grass hiding. I wish them luck in this hard cold world. We did our best to ensure they were hatched and protected from the dog when the time came. Good luck baby birdies. Thank you for allowing us the chance to watch you grow and fly.

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