Monday, June 14, 2010

Garden Update in Pictures


I mislabeled these thinking it was the 7th... it's not obviously. It's the 14th of June and once again we are expecting rain. Which is good for me (no lugging the hoses and watering cans around) and the rain barrels, which will finally finish filling up to their tops.

With these pictures you will see where we have topped off the plants with lots and lots of mulch. We have started to tie up the plants which will be needing supports. Primarily the tomatoes and the pole beans. The tie ups for the tomatoes is something I am trying from a food network show I saw about heirloom tomatoes grown in Homestead Florida. It looked easy enough and really keeps the bottom leaves up off the ground which will allow me to mulch in and under those maters soon.

You can see in a couple of the pictures the start of some baby zucchini squash and some of the baby yellow crookneck squashes. One of our favorites to eat all summer long.

There are some huge sunflowers running along the back wall of the drum room. They are in with the sugar pumpkins and acorn squash. All of which were started from seed saving I did last year.

Carrot tops are those lacy looking things.... leaf lettuce in two colors..... and finally a sweet pepper sent to me from a friend in the States. It's an heirloom called Jimmy Nardello.... suppose to be sweet without heat and very tasty. Almost forgot that single strand of pole bean reaching up and over the string supports.

All for your viewing pleasure. Let me know your thoughts and any words of wisdom you might have about gardening or, anything really.

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Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

A pleasure it is too. To be able to see pics and identify the particular plant that grows and the fruits will develop makes 'me cockles warm'. You are the Garden Queen of LyndaLand, for sure!!

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