Monday, June 14, 2010

Can Anyone Name This Plant?

Anyone have any idea what this plant is?
It's stems and leaves have a very strong and almost... almost recognizable smell.
It now has a fluffy yellow colored seed head. It's stalks are mostly hollow.
It's well over 7 feet tall and just continues to grow like a.... well like a weed.

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Phiddy said...

Since no one posted on this.... I asked my friends on the Ottawa Plantcycle group what they thought it was. The answer is it is; lovage. It's much like celery and has a stronger taste. I found you can harvest all parts of it and use it in recipes calling for celery. The seed heads can be harvested and used in place of celery seed. I think I will be doing this to use during the dead of winter. One more thing I can now give up during the winter (celery) and stick to the 100 mile diet we are trying to maintain.

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