Sunday, March 28, 2010

Not sure how clear these pictures are.
These are the first seedlings up in the first tray planted on the 26th!
They are marigolds.
Cute little things, aren't they?
Nothing else is up yet.

Yippee there is Spring in the air.
Of that I am sure, now.

Also got a third tray started (looks just like the others) with 46 small newspaper pots. I am using a sterile soilless mix I purchased at a local garden center. Forgot to mention that. And, they are sitting on a heat mat without grow lights on, yet.

Today I planted in a third box, yellow onions, basil and eggplant. Boy those basil and yellow onion seeds are really tiny. Had to put on my glasses to see them. Buried all the seeds only 1/4 inch in the soilless mix. Me being me, they are all labeled and charted on my garden plan. Who would have thought I would have gotten this obsessive about gardening? LOL

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