Monday, March 15, 2010


Since I started buying those beautiful free range organic eggs from Angie at Heritage Harvest Farm, I have been having a bit of a time trying to use a dozen up each and every week. Cause that's the deal I made..... I buy a dozen eggs each week from her.

You see there's only the two of us home now and I had to find some ingenuous ways to use those eggs up. Here's what I did and you had better believe I will be repeating this in the very near future!

I premixed and froze raw a spinach/mushroom quiche. Packed it up in a freezer baggie and placed in the freezer for use on a later date. This picture shows the result of the experiment. It came out as delicious as it looks. All I had to do was make the pie shell and blind bake the pie shell and then pour the defrosted quiche mix into the shell and bake. Oh wow.... was it ever good. What a time saver too. And, it's especially good for those busy nights when I really don't have the time to cook.

Maybe I'll be making some pie shells and freezing those so this dish then becomes even easier to thaw and use.

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