Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cheap Seedling Pots

Yesterday every moment I had to spare I made seedling pots. It's almost
"moon time" for planting and if, I don't get a move on I'm going to be late starting my seeds.

You probably know if you are going to start seeds indoors most plants require to be started at least 6 - 8 weeks ahead of your last frost date. For me here that's somewhere in late (to early) May. Depends on who you listen to or, what you read.

Anyway the pots were simple enough. I googled instructions off the net. I looked at any number of sites to see how it was done. Then devised my own way. I am using blank packing paper from shipping boxes, newspapers and lord knows what else I may use for these. A very great idea for reusing and recycling.

I had a problem finding a cylinder which was completely round and small enough. I tried a glass but, that ended up broken. Then I had that mess to clean up. Finally hit upon the idea of an old pill bottle. Works great and I can now fashion at least one seed pot in less than a minute. Sometimes two! Woo hoo! Another couple of days and I'll be worrying about germination time and waiting to see green little shoots appearing. Doing this makes me finally realize that yes, Spring is just around the corner.

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