Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter Storm

The bad, bad weather system is just now reaching us. It's traveled all the way from Texas to here in less than 3 days. Brr... the wind is howling, snow is blowing. Obscures your vision when you look outside. It's hard to see what is happening out there. And, of course there's the dark that impedes a true and accurate view. Daylight is a ways away (it's just 6 am as I write this). I just hope and pray we don't get the freezing rain the midwest got. That's when tree limbs and power lines come down. And, there you are or, here I am without power.

The Weather Channel is on and all they are talking about is this storm. Just like when I lived in Florida,and there were hurricanes.... the Canadian weather network has people strategically placed to give updates on the snow storm.

Have you ever heard the term, "Thundersnow". It's when you get thunder and lightening mixed in with a snow storm. Never knew such a thing could happen. But, I guess it's happening in Toronto. The thundersnow is setting off car alarms and scaring people awake and out of their beds.

Just fed the yawning hole of the black monster of a pellet stove. We have for whatever reason had it go out on us on more than one occasion. Pellet rate of fall into the fire pot changes with temperature flucuations outside. If, you don't pay attention.... woe is you if you run out of the pellets.

The rest of the family still slumbers. I want to see out before I try and go back to bed... but, my eyes are drooping. It's a lot less scary when the winds are howling if you can see outside and gauge the weather yourself.

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