Thursday, February 3, 2011

What do the Supermarket, Gardening and Composting have in Common?

Let's start right at the Supermarket....

Don't buy anything that comes with clear plastic packaging. I'm told there's no market for those clear egg containers and other clear plastics and while you may not see it, they're simply landfilled rather than chopped up and sold for recycling. Remember the cardboard ones can be used for starting seeds.

So don't buy anything in clear plastic....

That's easy enough because there are mostly alternatives for everything in this class of packaging. What's that got to do with gardening? It sets the stage for the next level and that is to compost the things that come into your house.

Ask yourself....

Ask yourself a simple question before you pick something up at the supermarket. Can I compost or recycle the packaging? If the answer is "No", then simply pick or substitute another product.


Get those composters working.
For example, it is possible to recycle any newspaper and it is also possible to compost it by shredding and laying it on the vegetable garden as mulch. The mulch will break down and your soil will be improved.

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