Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Food Storage and Survival Blog

I added the blog called Food Storage and Survival to "My Blog List" because the blog owner, Angela, believes and practices much of the same things I do. Her posts are quite relevant and she has done a wide range of appealing blogs on a long list of subjects. For example, today's blog entry was about seed saving from cucumbers. I never would have thought to have tried this till I read her blog. I have saved a gazillion seeds from different vegetables and flower types but, never thought to try cukes. Now, I know this is possible.

Today she is changing up her blog (it looks really great Angela!) and in doing so and to bring more traffic to her blog she has a big give-away going on. Please go on over and see what she's talking about first and foremost.And, of course enter to win one of her great give-away gifts. (There's like 9 different things she is giving away, any one of which I would accept. LOL!)

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