Friday, February 18, 2011

Planting time?

I have a friend who started her tomato plants yesterday. I was amazed and excited. Amazed at how early she got started and excited because I know soon I will be doing the same thing.

Our situations for our gardens are a bit different and she grows for a CSA whereas I grow for our own use. And, with the warming trend we have had for the past three days.... I too wanted to do some seed starting. But, I had to put the brakes on..... whoa Nellie... and stop myself from becoming too exuberant and planting everything I have.

I will though in another couple of weeks be starting the pepper plants. They take a bit longer to germinate and have a longer growing season. I want them to be ready when the tomato plants are fruiting heavily. That way when I start my canning marathon all the most used items for the canning will be ready in the garden at the same time.

Today I'd like to go and grab up a couple of boxes of clementine oranges. I have used up all those I had on the canning shelves and should really get on the stick and can some more. They are so good when just refrigerated and eaten straight out of the jar during the heat of the summer.

Last week I found down in the bowels of the chest freezer a couple of bags of raspberries. I made some of the most delicious jam out of those berries. I even went so far as to strain the seeds out. Which I have never done before. But, I am here to attest.... seedless raspberry jam is to die for!


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Seedless raspberry jam sounds absolutely delish. I love the flavor but the seeds are intolerable. Is it work-heavy or could I make a bit without a lot of trouble? ^_^

Phiddy said...

It's not hard to make at all. I just so happen to have a strainer (sieve) my ladle fits into perfectly. I use it to force the raspberry pulp thru the strainer. I then lift the ladle and all the seeds are "kind of" stuck to the bottom of it. Or, you can boil the raspberries with a touch of sugar and water, place couple of layers of cheesecloth in a strainer, pour the raspberries in and let drain, press to get all the good stuff out. I have also heard of using a nylon stocking. Pour hot raspberries in it and squeeze all the goodness out. If you got scads of money laying around there are actually tools to do this job. Foley or Back to Basics food mill (I would love one to add to my canning equipment.) But, I digress... it's not all that hard. Try it. If you do let me know.

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