Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Latest canning effort - beautiful beets

The square foot gardening has been prolific this year. Last year's first try at the new concept was not so great. I was hoping last year's semi-failure was due to the weather and I didn't really have a handle on how to grow using the square foot box system. Plus, in the midst of it all..... we had to move out of the place where we were living. Our landlady was coming home 4 months earlier than planned. So this year's bounty has been a real treat for us.
A couple of days ago I cleared out the beet squares. I had an assortment in sizes from really big to medium sized beets. We had been eating the greens and the smaller ones I had pulled to thin the planting beds out for quite awhile. Now it was time to pickle and can them. The above picture shows the result.... beautiful. I know we will be enjoying these throughout the winter.
The tomatoes are not yet ripe.... will post pictures of that canning when it happens.

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