Sunday, August 2, 2009


And, more rain. Will it ever stop? The weather people said July was the wettest month on record. Wonder what August is set to bring us?

My garden loves water but, enough is enough. My onions were starting to turn to mush.... then it stopped raining and I removed all the dead and dying tails from them. They had started regenerating.... now I am not sure what's going to happen.

The tomatoes ended up with the blight from the rain.... asked a tomato expert what to do with that. He advised me to trim and mulch up to my eyebrows around the plants, which I did. They are doing well now. They all have flowers or, little itty bitty baby tomatoes starting to grow. Yippee and a big thank you to Roger!

The zucchini seem to be flourishing in the water soaked environment. So far I have picked 2 beauties. And there are loads and loads of pretty flowers on the plants. Picture courtesy of Mark.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend, without rain if you live near me.

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