Friday, August 14, 2009

Cute dog picture

Gracie who I adopted out of the pound is so sweet. It's too bad she and I didn't meet sooner. She has some issues to be sure. Some solvable... some not as I found out just a while ago. One is she was never socialized with other dogs when she was a pup. Therefore she doesn't know how to play well with other dogs or, with humans. But, she tries. Oh, how she tries. The dog trainer whom we took lessons from... and I mean both of us took lessons from her (thanks Judy).... said she will never learn how to play as she is too old now. Now isn't that one of the saddest things you have ever heard? But, the good thing is Gracie passed her beginner's class with flying colours. Her other main problem which is disappearing is she is underweight. She is finally getting to the point where I don't notice her ribs sticking out so much. She eats three meals a day. Which she enjoys wholeheartedly. I think we will be cutting back to two soon as she is starting to fill out. The vet said to be careful and not to make her too heavy to compensate. I won't, I promise. I don't want a fat dog.
The picture of her sitting backwards on the chair and looking out the window.... she's watching the children in the yard next door. It's a day care and the little children there just love her. They pet her through the fencing when we are all out together. They had noticed her watching them (which is when I snapped this picture) and they were all calling to her.

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