Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More rain barrels

Can't say how crazy this weather is without just about everyone agreeing. So in keeping with the weirdness or, in trying to fight it we have installed lots of rain barrels around the house. Then of course there are the 5 Square Foot gardening boxes which measure 14 x 3, the two in-ground veggie gardens and the 41 (yes that is the correct number) of new trees planted since we moved here that need watering. Oh and did I mention the old pump that is working on it's last legs to bring water up from the well? It needs a rest.

The pictures I have posted are along the east side of the music room which at one time was the garage for this house. It's a cement pad to place three more 60 gallon water barrels on. Now of course the day we wanted to do this work the temperature was hovering at 90 with a humidity level of about 100%! But, the work needed doing. We waited till the sun was on the west side and we were in the shade. Helped a bit.... but, it was still a sweaty job.

We are now almost finished setting up all the barrels. When I say all I am talking here of eleven 60 gallon barrels. They are in four different areas to catch the rain. They are quite amazing and I for one am very proud of all the work that has gone into them. Big kudos to Mark for all his hard work and perseverance. He has done an outstanding job on them.

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