Saturday, February 7, 2009

So I have the bug....

Not a cold bug but, the canning bug. On my trip to the BF one of the things I was looking for was blueberries. The old man is out of blueberry jam. Which is his absolute favorite. And, it doesn't hurt it's full of those anti-oxidants vitamins or, whatever it is you call them.
I had to go to a second store as the BF, the discount store had bags of "wild" blueberries for 6.99 a bag. The bags weren't big either.
The second store I went to... one I don't shop often as it's more expensive. They had the same bags of "wild" blueberries but, at $2 less per bag. Who would have thunk that would have been the case. Wow... sure did surprise me.
Traveling to see family tomorrow so don't think I will be making the jam till later.
Now it's time for dinner.
Menu is; baked salmon
couscous with a melange of dried veggies
Dessert.... the best part will be California strawberries. Found those at the BF for 1.77 for a quart container. Now that was a good deal. They are macerating in a little sugar and lemon for some zip as you know California berries at this time of year are pretty tasteless.

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