Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rainy and warm here

Is it winter still? I guess this is the delayed January thaw we are having. The temperatures yesterday got up to +8 C. Which is about 45 F, I think. I am still not good at changing Celsius to Fahrenheit.

It's rained off and on since yesterday and our snow is about gone. What was hard packed snow yesterday is glare ice this morning. I am thinking I will be sitting on my assets more than once today when I head out the door. The traction sand is ready for the first person who ventures out on the ice. It's sitting right inside the outside door.

This coming week is Winterlude in Ottawa. A week long celebration of winter and all those things you think of winter being. Skating, skiing, tobogganing, hot chocolate and, those delicious beavertails (aka fried bread dough topped with any number of wonderful toppings). It's too bad it's going to coincide with the week of weather which is going to stay above freezing all week long. Those beautiful big ice block sculptures which are being carved and put on display.... I wonder how long they will last in these temps? I also wonder if the Rideau canal will stay frozen enough to safely continue to allow skaters on it for the festival? Now that would be a big bummer.

Okay we are going to be headed into the big city today. Don't worry the roads are wet and clear right now. No ice. But as the temperature drops this afternoon... it will become of some concern for us on our return ride home. A trip of about 80 kms or, about an hour and a half worth of driving if the roads stay clear. Canada's secondary roads have a speed limit of 80kmp (clicks) or, roughly 50mph. Slow going if you are use to the highways and byways in the States of usually 55 to 65mph.

Have a great day. See ya later, eh?

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