Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Full moon night

It was gorgeous last night looking out the window. It was somewhere between midnight and dawn... I was on one of my too frequent trips to the bathroom. I most always as I pass the big double window in the kitchen, stop and take a look out. Last night's full moon and cloudless night were excellent for trying to see the rabbit I know has been visiting. And, I was right. There he/she was sitting in an area devoid of snow. Guess the bunny wanted a less cold spot to sit. I could see the bunny quite clearly as he/she was outlined in the non-snow area.
Found out from my cyber friend, Vi, I should be feeding the rabbit alfalfa or was that timothy? Whether it's one or, the other.... I don't know where to go to buy that. And, should I? If I plan on a veggie garden this year is it wise to be feeding this rabbit who in all likelihood will eat my garden down to the nubbins. No pun intended but, that's food for thought.

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