Sunday, February 22, 2009

On being sick and growing old

Here I am back. Man oh man was I sick.
I was out of it for way too long and I was tired of the flu and being sick on day two.
This nasty bastard hung on like there was no tomorrow.
Then as a long last parting shot....
I ended up with a sinusitis and had to take antibiotics.
This today is day 11. Which I can hardly believe.
I still have 2 days of antibis left to take too.
And, as all of you know you are supposed to finish the entire course of those pillies.
I am thinking two more days and I'll be as right as rain.
Hoping anyway.....

Because I was ill I missed most of President Obama's trip to Ottawa.
I saw snippets and clips on the tube.
My man was rec'd with open arms up here.
And, he did the unthinkable and stopped the motorcade and got out and met the people of Canada.
And, had a Beavertail.... a Canadian sweet treat.
Good for you President Obama.
You rock.
And, if you do nothing else.... you will live in the Canadian people's minds as a great man.
(Do you think he read my very first post?)

Bye for now.
Have a great Sunday.

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