Monday, February 9, 2009

The Ottawa trip

So there we were. In Ottawa, the big city. Oh, oh. It's almost scary now going back there.
Living in the country has gotten to be such a way of life now to us. Hard to believe we used to live in the Big City just under a year ago. Wow... that's amazing.As I am sitting here I am realizing it's been almost a year to today's date since we left the Big City.
Listening to the news from the Big City at night we hear how things are changing.
Lots of crime now. Or, was it there when we lived there and we just chose to ignore it?
I don't think so. The crooks are robbing places where I used to shop. Shop? Yup, they are
robbing the grocery stores now in the Big City. Grocery stores???? Doesn't that strike you
as strange? It does me.
Anyway the trip into the Big City went off okay. Even spent time visiting with the family.
No one fought.... or argued. Think that was a first.
Got our business concluded and came home. It's always tiring to me to make these trips.
Why? I end up doing all the driving. I think the next trip in..... which is this Wednesday,
I need to give up the control and allow the old man to drive. Even if he does drive 10-15 kph under the speed limit. And, gets all nervous when someone follows too close. I know... I need to take a Valium before the trip. (Are Valiums still made?)
That's it from here.
Y'all have a good day, eh?

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