Saturday, May 1, 2010


Yesterday was a berry, berry bizzy day here. I really was pleased as I put my feet up for the evening at how much I had accomplished.

Outdoors: got the peas planted, watered and fenced.... see the picture with the little white fence? Those are the peas all along the fence line.

I got those steroidal morning glories which had been inside for way too long potted up and placed along the back fence. There's a little old lady who lives on the other side of said fence. Thought she would enjoy watching the glories as the twine their way up and over.

In one of the new SFG raised garden box, I got the kaleidoscope swiss chard planted. You can see where it got planted in the picture of the box that looks empty. If you look closer you can see where the soil has been wetted. That be the chard! LOL.

Oh yeah and then there's the picture of my pool. Well, I am sure it's mine but, I'll be sharing with Gracie who is my shadow outdoors. She doesn't like water so much as she likes me! Should be a good time. Hopefully no one will take pictures of that venture. Ha ha ha

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