Friday, May 7, 2010

It's Only May

And, I am tired, tired, tired. The garden and all the extra things going on in my life are exhausting me. I go to bed early.... 9ish and am up early in the morning... 5 or 6 am.

I start my day with a walk around the yard examining the garden and noting what needs doing that day. I still need to go and buy a mulch of some kind as I don't yet have any grass clippings to use to mulch with. The weather will be warming up soon and I'll be screaming for mulch to conserve water.

But, hey..... let's talk about the weather. We have had some ungodly winds in the past two weeks. Strong blows coming thru with the front lines moving across the area. Yesterday we had winds up to 70 kms. Blew the little car all over the road when we had to go out and drive.

Now we are looking at cool temperatures this weekend. We had been having some daytime highs around 20 or, so. Now today I don't think we broke 14. Nite time temps are coming down too. Tonight were supposed to be at a +1. But, then as the weekend progresses, more coolness. On monday we will see our temperatures down somewhere around - 3. Guess I better be sure to cover the non-hardy plants with the floating row cover. And, I won't be planting anything more outside. Too, too risky.

Okay it's off to bed for me.... in fact I am late.

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