Sunday, July 26, 2009

I have been busily tending the jungle of garden I have this year. Things are looking fine in there. I did have a bit of blight on some tomato plants but, with some pruning and more mulch applied, they should be fine. Onions are also not doing well. They are rotting in the ground. But, what can you expect with this being the wettest July on record?
The other thing I did this past week was to make some fabulous blueberry jam. Yum, yum. All together I put up 16 pints and 2 1/2 pints. Won't have to make more for about 4 months. I have someone in the family who absolutely devours the stuff.
Peas are coming on strong too. Yesterday I blanched and froze enough for two meals. I know that doesn't sound like much but, can you imagine the taste treat that will be during the dead of winter? Can't wait to do the same with the corn.
Hope all is well in your world....????
It is impossible to describe to someone who does not garden, the sense of intoxication, of absolute delight, brought on by working amongst such green, sweet, growing friends that the garden becomes...." The power of a garden: 1914


Rodney Miller said...

Yum! Makes me hungry for jam! We do some jam but with 2 young ladies who love it jam does not last long. we do some raspberry as well but kind of seedy.

Phiddy said...

You need to strain the seeds from that raspberry jam. A pain to do but, well worth the time and effort! I do raspberry jam on special occasions only as it's much more work than "normal" jams.

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