Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Spent all of yesterday out in the sun. What a glorious day. Nice even breeze wafting through the yard. Only problem was I was working in the garden. Working, huh? Okay not really working but, finishing up the garden.

We had one garden plot left to plant two days ago. I still had pepper seedlings under the lights waiting their turn to come out into the great wide world. They got planted along with a couple of rows of corn and unbelievable as it might seem, more tomatoes in that last garden plot. (For a total of 69 different varieties of tomatoes all told!)

All the gardens (in-ground and SF boxes) seem to be doing well today. Spent early afternoon mulching most all of the plants. Everything that has come up has gotten a good 3 inch layer applied. Because it's good for the plants in a couple of different ways. The mulch will keep the plants moist, keep the weeds down and help us conserve water. (We have approx. ~ 1000 gallons stored in rain barrels.) Plus, as the mulch degrades it will put needed nutrients back into the soil. A win-win situation all the way around.

Now here's hoping for no more catastrophic weather and a great harvest. Then soon I will be blogging about all the canning I am doing. Yippee!


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Yippee !~! Yummy !~! the peas look great; are they last year’s crop? I picked strawberries AND Cherries today and nibbled them all afternoon with Lucia. Mm mm good.

Phiddy said...

Peas are this year's crop. Last year's was lacking as Mark convinced me to plant them in a different area than we normally use. This year's crop is going to be a bumper one!
Cherries and strawberries are not ready here yet... yet! But, when they are I plan to indulge.

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