Thursday, June 16, 2011

Friend or, Foe?


As I was sitting looking out at the morning unfolding from inside the enclosed porch, I happened to spy this little beauty.
Quick as I could and, as silently as I could, I ran for the camera.

Thank goodness the square foot boxes are all raised and our in-ground gardens are fenced. (Fenced initially to protect the new plants from being run over by Gracie, our dog.)
Or, this little guy (gal) would have been munching on our growing crops.
And, I wouldn't have gone running for the camera....


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Good gravy, tell me you would have gotten the BB gun!~!

Cute but as you say-hungry.

Thinking of you as I do a fifty hour week with k ids who potty themselves--heavenly !~!

Cartoon Characters said...

Love it! We have gophers that are getting to our lawn. I think my husband took care of it....

Phiddy said...

I am really not sure I would have been able to do anything to do the rabbit. Maybe sic Gracie after it. But, shoot it? Nope, not me.

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