Thursday, January 27, 2011

Timely Tips

These are a few tips I have been using for awhile now. These will help you save yourself some money.

Good sewing scissors will be dulled by cutting anything but fabric and thread. Relegate the cutting of paper, canvas, and other materials to all-purpose household shears.

Combat wintertime static cling in clothing by stroking a wire hanger over the outfit several times to eliminate the static charge. This technique works to tame staticky hair, too eliminating the need for buying hair conditioner.

Zippers will last longer if you close them before putting the items into the washer or dryer.

Also, fasten hooks and eyes on clothing, such as women’s underwear, before putting them through the wash.

If you use a dryer, hang anything with elastic in it. It will keep the elastic from breaking down causing you to replace things sooner, ie underwear and socks are the main things I never ever put in a dryer.


Cartoon Characters said...

I heard if you have a sticky zipper you could run a bar of soap along it. Never tried that.

I do hide my good sewing scissors in the drawer away from my husband....

Phiddy said...

I have used the bar of soap trick. It works but, it's messy. What worked better was using a pencil (graphite) and running it up and down the zipper.:)

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