Monday, January 24, 2011

Throwing boiling water in the cold

I have to let you all know.... DH and I went out in the arctic cold last night and threw boiling water into the air. We wanted to see the water turn to snow. Well, scientifically speaking it turns into fog but, what the hey.... it sure does look like snow. We did it till we emptied the hot water pot. Which holds about 2 L by the way. We did it by the glass full, one at a time. Laughing and laughing till my sides hurt. There wasn't anyone around as it was after 11 PM.

Why so late? Number 1 reason is; we didn't want the neighbors to see us and think us weird. They already think us weird.... this would have confirmed it in their minds. Number 2 reason; we had to wait till the temperature got down to the required -30C.

I am here to tell you it does work just like in the youtube video I posted yesterday. So... if you ever have the temperature plunge to a -30c... check it out. Of course if you try this.... you are doing it at your own risk.

Onward... and I know this is late as the moon is currently a;
Waning Gibbous
Waning Gibbous, Moon at 19 days in cycle

But here it is anyway............

January -- Wolf Moon
The Algonquian’s Wolf Moon was so named because in January, a time of bitter cold and blowing snow, wolves could often be heard howling. The Arapaho of the Great Plains referred to the January moon as “when snow blows like spirits in the wind.” Similarly, the Passamaquoddy of the Great Lakes called January “whirling wind moon;” the Omaha of the Central Plains, “moon when snow drifts into tipis.” To the Choctaw of the Southeast, January was “winter’s younger brother.” The Haida of Alaska called it “bear hunting moon;” the Lakota of the Northern Plains, “hard moon;” the Shoshone of Nevada and Wyoming, “freezing moon;” and the Zuni of the Southwest, “when limbs of trees are broken by snow.”


Cartoon Characters said...

Last night my husband and I were sitting in the hottub, and he mentioned to me that it was "sprinking". I told him no it wasn't - that it was the steam from the hottub swirling up and then cooling off and dropping down on us. The "sprinkles" were so tiny but refreshing...

At that point I told my husband about your posting..... :) How cool!If it weren't for your posting, we probably wouldn't have realized what was happening.... :)

Phiddy said...

Ha ha... glad to share some of my nonsensical knowledge with you.

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