Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Feeling Oh So Tropical

Since I have posted so much on the dreadful cold weather we have been having recently I had to post about today's weather. This is just my thoughtful comparison.

It seems balmy and almost tropical here this morning. Yeah right! Well in relation to what we have been experiencing as weather this past week it sure as heck does. I went to bed last night with the temperature hovering right about at -16C. My hands had quit aching. Somewhat anyways.

This morning I awoke to a balmy -9C! Woo hoo! When you remember back to this past Sunday night (when I was out tossing boiling water in the air) it was a downright rude and terribly cold -30C. There's a difference in those temperature of 21 degrees.

If this were summer time and those changing weather temps were happening then.... just think of how it would feel. Take this 9C and erase the minus sign in the equation and now go up the thermometer to 30C. Think and imagine how different those 21 degrees would feel to you then vs. now in mid January when we are in the below zero weather. (For those of you reading in the States here is the conversion; 48 F to 86 F. A cool start to the day to an absolutely delightful summer afternoon.)

So do you now understand the crazy and wacky title to this post? It's just my strange and peculiar way of looking at the weather.

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Cartoon Characters said...

You are starting to sound Canadian - weather is our number one topic of conversation! ;)

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